I'm Scott Bailey, a Ph.D. student in Philosophical Theology at the University of Virginia. I'm also a Praxis Fellow in the Scholars' Lab at U.Va. This website is primarily a place to house my blog posts, though I hope to expand it over time.

As a Ph.D. student, I work on modern and contemporary theology, especially Protestant theology in the 20th Century, though I have a long running interest in medieval mystical theology. My work focuses mostly on the doctrine of God and theological anthropology, and draws on non-theological discourses such as continental philosophy, the social sciences, and, recently, neuroscience. My dissertation is an examination of vulnerability from theological, psychological, and neurobiological perspectives.

As a Praxis Fellow, I'm getting a crash course in Digital Humanities, learning the primary fields and concerns, but learning more importantly to code, to build, and to work in a team. My cohort of Fellows is working to build Ivanhoe, a game about interventions in discursive spaces.

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